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Alcohol & Drug Free Housing

men readingThe objective of Skyway House Alcohol & Drug Free Housing Program is to provide a safe and sober living environment for men and women seeking a semi-structured, recovering lifestyle.  We provide a living environment that balances support with independence so that newly recovering men and women can progress in their recovery and become better prepared to succeed as clean and sober productive members of society.

The Skyway House Alcohol & Drug Free Housing Program accepts applications from anyone desiring to live an alcohol and drug free life.



Skyway House has Alcohol & Drug Free Housing facilities in Chico.  Currently we are able to accommodate up to 30 participants in our combined facilities.



Our Alcohol and Drug Free Housing Program is staffed by Field Managers and various other support staff.  All of our facilities are monitered on a weekly basis.  In addition, men and women who are living a healthy, clean and sober lifestyle are placed in positions as apartment “leads” or “house managers.”  Being accountable to peers is helpful to our participants in staying clean and sober and helps provide a healthy environment for everyone involved in the program.



Program Requirements

All Participants must:

Refrain from drug and alcohol use during their stay in Skyway House Alcohol & Drug Free Housing.

Attend 12-Step/Recovery support meetings.

Attend weekly house meetings.

Willingly submit to random drug screens.

Adhere to set curfews.

Follow our “Good Neighbor” policy.

Maintain appropriate conduct at all times.


Additional Program Services

Staff Support

Housing includes all utilities and telephone service

Referrals to Workforce Development resources

Community social service referral network

Outpatient services (additional fee required)